Lesley Berglund

Chairman, WISE Academy

"It has been my pleasure to work with Kathie since 2006 in a variety of different roles – all having to do with problem solving around consumer direct challenges in the wine industry.  I have hired her to help drive my own projects and also brought her in to work alongside me with clients.  And she is one of our most versatile and highly rated instructors for the WISE Academy.   

I enthusiastically recommend Kathie for coaching work in CRM, analytics, wine club, websites, e-commerce, e-mail marketing and project management.

Give Kathie a DTC puzzle needing analytics, planning and execution and Kathie will give you a dashboard and a plan that will revolutionize your business. She can read the map of where a company wants to go and steer the ship in the right direction to achieve your goals."

Steve Boone

Co-founder, BEVMO

"I've had the pleasure of working with Kathie since 1995.  First at BEVMO, later at Napa Style and then with three wineries.  In every case she made very positive changes to the organization.  Her quantitative skills are superb.  But doing the math isn't sufficient. Drawing the right conclusions is what counts. Kathie's decades of wine industry experience (including cutting edge direct to consumer skills), sense of style and passion as a wine buff help guide her to develop winning solutions."

Bill Phelps

President, Joseph Phelps Vineyards

"I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Kathie Barclay and her company, Barclay Marketing Solutions.

Kathie provided invaluable service to us at Joseph Phelps Vineyards.  Her analytical and perceptive approach to reviewing a myriad of data helped us to uncover new opportunities to build our direct-to-consumer business.  She is highly creative and always displays an ability to persevere and achieve goals.

I also had the opportunity to work with Kathie on projects for Auction Napa Valley, which our family chaired in 2007.  Her service helped us to create one the most successful and innovative Auctions ever.

Finally, as a person she is terrific to work with - always upbeat, positive and ready to contribute."

Charlie Crocker

Owner, Crocker & Starr Wines

"This letter is written as a recommendation for Kathie Barclay who has acted as a consultant to Crocker & Starr wines during 2011 and 2012.  Kathie has been largely responsible for implementing a series of thoughtful reforms in the Crocker & Starr business process, and assisting our staff in both understanding and carrying out the changes.

The changes have been designed to highlight the company’s monthly financial progress, to emphasize sales revenue and its sources, to understand margins and to review and control costs.  Much of the financial work has been reduced to a simple monthly dashboard which can be used as an effective management tool to gauge the firm’s monthly progress.

Kathie’s work has been helpful to our company, and our team has achieved very substantial sales increases year over year during Kathie’s time with us.  She has worked well with our employees, and has shown patience and diplomacy in implementing change.  I can strongly recommend Kathie Barclay as a consultant to the wine business."

Christopher Pappe

Vice President & General Manager, Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services

"If you are a winery looking for "boots-on-the-ground" solutions to your consumer direct sales, then Kathie is a proven leader, teacher, mentor and sales maven. Over the years of working with our mutual clients, I found her organizational skills and sense of urgency a valuable asset for wineries that want to go beyond a lifestyle choice and actually sell wine and grow relationships."

Timothy Carl, PhD

Managing Partner - Knights Bridge Winery

"Kathie got the job(s) done - creatively, on-time, and with excellent results. If you are looking for someone with great wine DTC experience, Kathie is the one to go to. Pleasure to work with."

Lea Pierce

Lea Pierce Direct - Count on Results!

"In a world where a million people call themselves marketing consultants, Kathie is that rarest of all gems -- someone who really, really knows what she's doing. From sizing up a market to developing products to creating advertising that closes the sale, Kathie is superb.  She always delivers more than she promises and is the staunchest advocate any company or product could have. My favorite bit of wisdom from Kathie is "confused minds don't buy." Amen, sister. She's got the "clarity commandment" down and never wavers from clarity of target market, clarity of offer, and clarity of communication. Plus, she's great to work with. What more could you want? "

Michael Laukert

Chef / Media at Hundred Acre / One True Vine

"I was privileged to work with Kathie at NapaStyle during the early start-up days. Her dedication and professionalism in merchandising always delivered the highest quality goods. She was a pleasure to work with, focused, intuitive and able to handle complex issues and implement solutions involved in the catalog business. Organized, detailed oriented, extremely personable and willing to share knowledge are just a few key attributes. It is a pleasure to recommend her."

Danny Peterson

President, Integrity Home Pro

"Kathie is a creative business consultant who consistently offers value in the work she provides. A professional in every way and thinks out of the box with new ideas that perform. For marketing and financial consulting, I have a found her to be top in her field. Truly, a high recommendation."